miércoles, abril 06, 2011

Tide "Fold a Stain"-Leo Burnett Mumbai

Tide cleans with such proficiency that you need just a little bit to do the trick. Therefore we created an innovative campaign to bring alive this very truth.

The campaign was strategically placed in center-spreads of widely-read magazines. Through illustrations we depicted common colourful characters with big stains on their clothes. These large stains were specially fabricated by paper and carried a message on them that read 'Fold'. On following the step-wise folding of the stain the stain magically transformed into a small One- Rupee sachet of Tide. The One-Rupee Tide sachet carries only 20 gms of Tide, thereby showing aptly how a little bit of Tide, can do a lot more.

The simple interaction between the reader and the campaign saw a very favorable response as they witnessed first hand the power of Tide's superior cleaning. Tide: Less does more.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: KV Sridhar
Creative Director: Amod Dani
Copywriter: Amod Dani
Art Director: Ganesh Nayak
Art Director: Sadanand Narvekar
Illustrators: Nishikant Palande, Priyanka Chavan, Pranali Bhogale,Ganesh Nayak
Photographer: Shivkumar Dhale

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