martes, abril 19, 2011

Chromaroma is Foursquare in motion

Chromaroma from Mudlark on Vimeo.

Every journey counts. Swipe your Oyster card on London public transportation, earn points, conquer stations, accept missions and challenge your friends. Chromaroma is a kind of Foursquare in motion.

In theory I like the idea, I find it funny and engaging and I would be willing to "play the game". However in practice I find it scary for people's privacy. Think about it: the gaming mechanisms makes location based applications fun and sticky. You just have fun checking in at different locations and you don't realize how much information about yourself you are releasing more or less publicly. And now with Chromaroma if you play not only you share your locations throughout the day but also your paths and daily habits. George Orwell where are you?

via Springwise


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