viernes, marzo 11, 2011

Christmas Joy (Medellín) by Alejandro Cock-Pelaez

Not in the cold North, either in the summer South, we celebrate christmas in Colombia with a lot of joy!
We live it like a carnival, specially in Medellín. People prepare tipical foods in the streets, and share it with neighbors. Music, dance, fireworks and aguardiente are everywhere, and a very traditional activity is to visit the "alumbrados": the massive christmas lighting (I think one of the best in the world! see more here:, that are in the Medellin river, and in many streets.
This video was made during a walk by the river, to celebrate the joy of us Colombians, in spite of the difficulties of the year. It is also my own celebration for a hard, but positive year. A celebration of being with my family and friends enjoying this time.
It is also a "present" for some of my best friends that live abroad, as a way of sharing some of the warm and happines of the city of the eternal spring.

Made for the Bloom's weekend challenge 4
Thanks Mr. Bloom for all the knowledge and inspiration of this year!

Canon 7D hand held
Canon 50 1.4
Canon 17-55 2.8

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